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Search, sort, and screenshot on YouTube

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In this post, I will share an automation on YouTube to search for a query, sort results by view count, and take screenshots of the top three results.

Prepare Your Environment

We need to create a virtual environment before starting to isolate dependencies from the rest of the system.

Run the following commands…

It was a pain. It still is …

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I am working as a software engineer for about 7 years. I usually worked with C++ on old, embedded systems.

I still feel insufficient what I work on most of the time. I wanted to list the difficulties I have through these years working on platform-dependent projects.

1. Development/Refactoring

Project codebases I…

How to use Selenium with Python’s unittest

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In the previous post, we explored the page object model for writing a more maintainable and reusable code. We will see the usage of Selenium with Python’s unittest module in this post.

Unit tests are used to test the smallest testable parts of a program. Python’s unit testing framework provides…

Page Object Model for better structured and maintainable code

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

In the previous post, we explored managing window position and dimensions and also taking screenshots with Selenium. We will see Page Object Model(POM) to create more structured and maintainable code in this post.

Until now, we have used mostly functions and single modules for our examples. If you try to…

Managing windows and taking screenshots

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In the previous post, we looked at controlling mouse actions. We will see how to manage window position and dimensions and also take screenshots in this post.

In part 6 of this series, we explored window handles and switching between windows. This post will complete the window related discussion mostly.

Window Management

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